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Meredith’s Thai Noodles November 1, 2011

Filed under: Food,thai — Island girl @ 5:47 pm

What to make? What to make? Let’s make something Thai for tonight…..

1/4lb dried rice noodles
3T vegetable oil
1T chopped garlic
1t ground ginger
1 can wild salmon dusted with curry powder or fresh fish, chicken or shrimp
3T fish sauce
2T soy sauce
2T sugar
1t sirracha sauce
1T peanut butter
1/2c coconut milk
1 egg, beaten, cooked and chopped
3 green onions
Any vegetables, for us its kale, cauli, snow peas and zuchinni
Basil chopped
Cilantro chopped
1/4c chopped peanuts
Lime wedges

Boil water & add rice noodles 5 minutes to soften. Remove from water.

In a wok or skillet heat oil on medium heat. Sauté garlic, veggies, onion. Add ginger and sauce ingredients. Then add salmon chunks. Heat through with coconut milk. Toss noodles with sauce. Serve with peanuts, lime and herbs.

Serves 2 with leftovers.


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