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Bulgaria – Baked apples with vanilla syrup September 29, 2010

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Oh how I miss the fall. I buy spiced candles, watch football, have friends mail me leaves to try to capture the feeling while living in the tropics. I usually can buy cider and pumpkins and of course I can cook all of my fall favorites. I have chosen from Bulgaria an apple dish with walnuts because it is that time of year! This is what we are making today.


Baked apples with vanilla syrup
8-10 eq. sized apples
1/3 cupful walnut kernels
3/2 cupful sugar
vanilla, cinnamon according to taste
50g butter

How to prepare:
Peel and carefully hollow the apples. Prepare a stuffing from the beaten butter, 3/4 cupful of sugar, crushed walnut kernels and cinnamon. Stuff the apples and place in a lined dish, pour over 1-2 spoonful of water and bake in a moderate oven. Serve cold, sweetened with syrup made from cupful of sugar, 1 cupful of water and vanilla. The same recipe may be used for quinces and pears.



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