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Barbados – RUM June 13, 2010

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We are taking a moment today to celebrate RUM! As we love everything in the Caribbean, we love Rum! Mount Gay Rum from Barbados is one of the BEST. The Eclipse with ginger ale and a lime is divine! The distillery in Barbados has been making rum continuously longer than anyone in the world. In Barbados a rhyme to remember the traditional Rum Punch goes like this:

One of sour

Two of sweet

Three of strong

Four of weak

Five drops of bitters and nutmeg spice

Serve well chilled with lots of ice!

(This is from Culinaria, The Caribbean)

Another cool find from Barbados is the local liquor Falernum. It is made from lime, granulated sugar, rum and water and flavored with almond essence. So if you order a “corn and oil” this drink is served with half Falernum and half Rum. We picked up a bottle of Falernum last time we were in the Grenadines, I liked it but it was way to sweet for Jonny. He is after all a pirate and drinks his rum with water!


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