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Australia May 31, 2010

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Cool Aussie Food Sites



We asked our friend and superior chef Lisa from Australia to recommend a meal for us to try. She suggested to cook a modern Aussie meal and it is fabulous!!

We take fresh white fish and season it with olive oil, salt and blackening seasoning. Grill the fish 5 minutes each side until done. Serve this with a banana mango chutney, jasmine rice and cilantro oil drizzled around the plate.  This meal, down under, would be followed by PAVLOVA for dessert!  Delicious! Put the entire dish on your menu this week. We chose to make a Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova from Nigella but you can make a pavlova with or without chocolate and top it with any mixture of fruit or topping your heart desires. Nigella’s site is an excellent source for recipes. G’day mate!

Source: Flikr


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