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Argentina May 22, 2010

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We are almost through the A’s and I promise pictures will arrive enhancing our culinary adventure around the world. I’m headed back to the kitchen but check out Argentina, she is a tasty nation with good wine to boot!

Argentina is on my top five of next countries to visit. My girlfriend just spent a year there so I wrote to her for the scoop on Argentina’s most popular dishes. She said “EMPANADAS are huge, pizza (portenos are insistent that their pizza is far superior to the italian version) with faina (it’s a chickpea topping), locro is a type of meat stew, yerba mate is a very, very popular drink–kind of like tea, asado–and lots of it, particularly beef (their version of bbq), dulce de leche, alfajores (kind of cookie/cake with dulce de leche in the middle) and of course malbec wine.” We love steak and red wine and have it every couple of weeks but we want to make something new so we chose LOCRO. Locro is a stew popular throughout South America. It can be made with meat, corn, beans, potatoes and squash, you may find some recipes with cheese. Sometimes it is served with a hot pepper sauce on top. If you are grilling steaks this weekend serve them with a CHIMICHURRI and a Malbec, the Argentinian way!



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