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Antigua and Barbuda May 18, 2010

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From the shores of Antigua

We love Antigua and have enjoyed many meals ashore this island. From red snapper served whole (my husband loves the eyes) to Pepper Pot soup and Fish and Fungi, Antigua has many amazing authentic dishes. Fungi or Fungee is a popular dish throughout the Caribbean and is the national dish of Antigua and Barbuda along with Pepper Pot. It is a healthy side dish that goes great with fish, stew or meats. Give it a try!


1 package of frozen Okra

2c Yellow Cornmeal, fine

3c Water

1t Salt

2T Butter

Pepper to taste

Start with two pots. In one bring to boil the 3C water and in the other just enough water to par-boil the Okra. When your 3C is boiling slowly add the cornmeal. You must stir and stir and push the cornmeal around so it will not clump. It is not always easy. Drain water from okra and it it to the cornmeal mixture partially cooked. Next add the butter, salt and pepper. Let simmer together 5 more minutes. Like polenta you may let it dry then slice and fry it. Serves 6-8.

Antiguan Seasoned Rice


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