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Albania May 10, 2010

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Source: wayfaring.info

Moving westward towards the delicious Mediterranean, we come to Albania.  Albanian cuisine is right up our alley with fish, beans, vegetables, lemons and olives! We love it all. Albaniacity has the best description of Albania’s diverse and fabulous cuisine. Albanian Translators selection of Albanian recipes is fantastic. We look forward to trying more of these in the future. On our menu tonight is the traditional ALBANIAN SALAD with tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper and olives, dressing with olive oil, vinegar and salt.  A dish we never tire of and make often to remind us of our travels to the Med. We serve this with Byrek shqiptar me perime or Alabanian Vegetable Pie with spinach and feta from the Albanian Translators site above. Their largest meal of the day is eaten mid day with slow cooked meat and the vegetable salad however fish is also very popular in most parts of the country. We also made a traditional BEAN JAHNI SOUP.  Regarding albanian cuisine; keep reading, keep cooking and don’t forget to check out their sweets!


One Response to “Albania”

  1. MJ Says:

    I’ve made that basic soup many times but I’ve never even thought of adding mint! With mint growing in the garden, it sounds like a great variation. Thanks!

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