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Our worldwide adventure May 1, 2010

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Happy May Day! We are challenging ourselves, beginning today, to learn about every country on the globe! Alphabetically, one country at a time. We love to cook, so we will bring the knowledge of nations into our home by preparing meals unique to each country. How much more will we know about the world at the end of one year from today? In our youth we learned about America and Europe but not greatly about the remainder of the globe. Follow our blog to learn and eat around the world and open your minds to new experiences.  You may find a place or two you would like to visit. You may want to teach your children geography or how to cook. We will post the recipes we love, interesting facts and sites we find about each country.  We are taking a trip without leaving our home in the Virgin Islands. Here we go, come with us! Normally we’d ask if your bags are packed, but in this case, are your knives sharpened?


One Response to “Our worldwide adventure”

  1. christina ardente Says:

    I can’t think of anyone I would rather follow around the world – how exciting and what fun! Looking forward to travelling with you!

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